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Alberta Firewood Depot
Outlets in Calgary and Sundre, Alberta, Canada

An Environmentally friendly operation

Firewood sales to the public, private and commercial sectors available for regular delivery anywhere in Calgary, Red Deer, Cochrane, Airdrie, Okotoks, High River, Crossfield, Redwood Meadows, Olds and all other towns surrounding greater Calgary. We can deliver palletized firewood to Edmonton and surrounding areas

We also have regular delivery runs to Canmore, Banff, Bragg Creek, Lethbridge, Ft Macleod, Nanton, Strathmore, Langdon and many other Southern & Central Alberta locations including acreages and rural properties.

We'll even deliver firewood to your Cabin, Cottage or RV lot like Gleniffer lake, Tall Timbers, Riverside, Coal Camp and others (Sundre) including some campgrounds.

High quality, split and seasoned pine, birch, larch, cedar, apple and maple firewood available in tight stacked pallets.


Bagged and Bundled Firewood


Retail & Campground products.

We have a large selection of packaged firewood at different prices to suit all of your firewood needs.




Stretch Wrapped or Strapped Bundles

Available in Pine, Fir and Birch.

These are the most economical priced units and are ideal for Campgrounds, Parks and RV resorts.

We can supply full semi truckloads to individual pallets
Anywhere in Alberta, Saskatchewan and B.C
Other areas by request as well including USA


General Public Sales for bundled firewood

You can buy direct from our yard near Sundre with prior arrangemets as the yard is not always staffed.
Pine - Birch - Fir/Larch available


General Public Sales outlets

Calgary - Daily King C-Store (Fir only)
#7 - 4105, 4th Street NW (right by Stavros Bar)

Medicine Hat - Ace Landscaping Ltd. ( Kiln Dried Birch )
PH: 403-527-0236 or Cell:403-502-5963




Energy Logs - Retail sizes and bulk pallets
Sales Outlets for Energy logs in Alberta


Boxed Energy Logs - 3 per box with firestarters

- Daily King C-Store (Fir only)
#7 - 4105, 4th Street NW (right by Stavros Bar)


Individual Bulk Energy Logs (singles)

Hearth and Home Fireplace

5740 1A Street SW, Calgary, Alberta
Canada T2H 0A6
Phone (403) 258-3732

Bulk Pallets - Contains 240 Energy Logs
1890 Lbs each

Contact Canada Firewood direct
for bulk pallets by delivery

Toll free 1- 877-894 -9378 or Direct (403) 638-8090

email: sales@woodfire.ca

Pickup available (Sundre yard only )


Heat Treated Firewood

Our heat treated firewood is bug free and can be shipped anywhere in North America.
Meets all government standards for insect and disease control.

Wholesale and Retail Pricing
We offer the best prices for professionally packaged, high quality firewood.
Wholesale truck load prices are available

Available all year round

We maintain a large amount of inventory ready to go on short notice


Contact us for prices and details.

Toll free 1- 877-894 -9378

Direct (403) 638-8090 ......... email: sales@woodfire.ca



Bulk Palletized Firewood

Inquire about wholesale prices for resellers


Winter Specials 2012
We have the best selection of wood species and best quality in Alberta.
A family owned & operated business for 17 years

email: sales@woodfire.ca

Update October 05 / 2012


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Current Product Listing for Canada Firewood

Firewood Species and Sizes only (no prices)


Premium Seasoned Pine Pallets
1.5 metre Pallet ( half a cord)  of beautifully split, very clean dry Pine (pictured below)
lots of firewood in this package !

Great for Hunters, Ice fishermen and outdoor events - easy to transport & stack

Each half cord pallet of Premium Pine contains as much wood as is
pictured on the ground in front of the truck. The pallet is made up of
36 wrapped or strapped bundles making it easy to stack and carry into the home.
The full sized pallet is pictured in the back of the truck.

Includes a box of kindling and firestarters.


Premium Quality, Seasoned
B.C. Yellow Birch

 BC Yellow Birch-Our Best firewood, Guaranteed Dry !
Moisture tested at an average of 18% - DRY!

Premium Select seasoned BC Yellow Birch.........1.5 cubic Metre pallet of Kiln Dried Birch Pallet in back of pickup truck

 1.5 cu metre Pallets 

These pallets are almost exactly a half cord each.
2 of these tight stacked pallets will generally be equal to a cord of loose bulk firewood.

This is the best birch firewood available. All pieces in these pallets have been hand picked and seasoned
to the best moisture level for optimum burning and heat output , the pallets are wrapped and stored in a dry location 
and stay clean and dry until open unlike birch cut and stored in piles outdoors.


Douglas Fir & Larch Mix

In B.C. Fir and Larch are favored over birch firewood by locals using wood stoves for heating.
Fir has a long burn time and similar heat value to birch, but produces a lot less ash and a livelier flame,
If you desire a change from burning birch or pine, try fir /larch for a change.
Also fir helps birch burn more completely when the two woods are used together.

Fir and Larch have a nice aroma and a mild crackle when burning.

1.5 cubic Metre Pallet
These pallets are almost exactly a half cord each
2 of these tight stacked pallets will generally be equal to a cord of loose bulk firewood.




High Density Energy Logs

North Idaho Energy Logs & Wood Only Fire Logs

What the heck is an Energy Log ? if you own a newer style fireplace or any model of wood stove...you should be aware of Energy Logs..these logs are revolution in wood heating with drastically increased heat output and long burn time. They are extremely Eco Friendly and clean to handle and use in your home.

Did you know that E-Logs and Wood Only Fire Logs are ideal for use in your backyard Chiminea, they can easily be broken into the right sized chunks to fit in the Chimenea and burn longer than piece of wood. They are also great in firepits and for campfires as they are practically smokless ( keep the neighbors happy).

Click here for more info on Energy Logs

www. energylog.ca or www.bioenergylogs.ca


The Ultimate Back Yard Fire Pit

Sojoe's Steel Fire Pit is Simply the best quality and style on the market.
this is the original firepit of this style, there are many cheap knock offs around
But they are made from very thin cheap steel that burns out in a season or two

Sojoe firepits are very heavy duty with high quality 3 mm thick cold rolled steel,
easily 3-4 times thicker than the knock offs. The firescreen is made from stainless steel
and will not burn out like the cheap Imitations. Sojoes have a natural oxide finish that
bakes on to a beautiful maintainence free orange-ochre colour, imitation knock offs are painted and the paint burns off to an ugly black peeling finish after the first fire... then they rust...

$425.00 includes cover, firescreen, grill & poker
Free delivery in Calgary area with any firewood purchase .

SOJOE™ is the original manufacturer of authentic steel firepits featuring cut out designs. Quality construction, superior materials, and exacting standards make the SOJOE firepit a product to be enjoyed for many years.


17" High X 32" Wide (OD of foot rest)
• Cut outs enhance ventilation, minimize smoke and improve airflow to produce more heat
• Portable design (65 lbs.) makes it easy to take to the beach, lake, campsite or cabin
• Functional safety ring encircling the pit also serves as a footrest and handle for carrying

• The original backyard firepit of its kind
• Highest quality available on the market at a reasonable price
• Satisfaction guaranteed - backed by a 2-year manufacturers’ warranty

• Cold-rolled steel shell (three-times thicker than the imitators)
• New longer lasting stainless steel spark screen
• Spark screen frame, poker, foot rest,and cooking grill, all solid steel
• Spark Screen, Cooking Grill, and Poker included
• Vinyl Weather Cover included
• New! Rotisserie also available
• Gas Insert also availab



Do you use a woodstove for heating ?

If so you should consider using our High Density Energy Logs.

Energy Logs are extremely efficient in producing heat, 2 or 3 logs will burn all night with more BTUs than the best Birch firewood. About 35% more heat value than birch !

These Energy Logs are very dense and heavy with only 3% moisture. They contain no chemicals or binders
and are made from higher BTU wood fibre.

Do not confuse these Energy logs with the saw dust and parrafin fire logs available in stores, those logs are very poor quailty and provide very little heat energy. Energy logs are economical and cost less than birch firewood, a pallet of 240 energy Logs is equivalent to almost 1-1.5 cords of birch at lower cost. Special introductory price of $550.00 per pallet (special subsidized delivery charge is available for this offer) For most people, a full pallet will easily last all winter .

Energy Logs work best in wood stoves and EPA effcient airtight fireplaces. They will work well in older open fireplaces but have a much lower flame than regular cord wood. They can be mixed with regular firewood to increase the heat output and burn time.

Please click here to find out more about our Energy Logs

www. energylog.ca or www.bioenergylogs.ca


Can't decide what firewood type is best for you or
need to know a bit more stuff about firewood ? click here

 Stacking Service

Quarter cord ....................$40.00
Face cord or 1/3 cord ...$50.00
Half cord .........................$70.00
Full cord...........................$90.00

GST not included

F.A.Q. For Bulk Firewood

Questions like : What the heck is a cord of firewood anyway ???
One Third of cord also know as Rick, Face or Stove cord is 4' high x 8' long x 16" deep
or about 42.5 cubic feet
A full Cord is 4' deep x 4' high x 8' long
or 128 cubic feet


How do you know you're getting the correct amount ? - All of our cord measures are tight packed and are as close to the actual amount as is possible with such a variably sized product as split wood can be. We stack our cord measurements in a specific sized jig (1/3 cord, 1/2 cord, full cord ) by hand then load the firewood for each specific order onto the trucks as a separate unit for delivery to insure consistency.

Tight stacking is NOT common practice in the firewood industry, most resellers will sell you "loose packed" cord measures dumped from a loader or tossed in from a pile. You can't be sure how much you're getting when the wood is sold this way. Many of our customers make the comment,"that cord of firewood you just dropped off looks like a lot more wood than the last load I bought from xyz firewood "

We've built our business on good value, service, quality firewood and accurate measurements.

What is a cord of firewood ? - A "full' cord measures 4 ft. x 4 ft. x 8 ft. and is the official, standard firewood measure. This equals a volume of about 128 cubic feet. But four foot pieces are never used for home heating, and dealers rarely sell four foot pieces. So firewood is not offered for sale in the form of its official unit measurement. This is why buying firewood can be confusing. The most common firewood piece length is 16 inches

What is a face cord ? - Face cords also known as stove cords or furnace cords are an ideal amount of firewood for most homeowners where storage space is an issue . The volume is about one third of a full cord or 42.67 cubic feet. (128 cu ft divided by 3 = 42.67) or a stack with the dimensions of 4' wide x 8' long x 16" deep.

The term face cord is not a officially recognized measurement in Canada, however many people are familiar with this term as it has been in use for well over a 100 years, a face cord or rick of wood is an old term of measurement four feet high by eight feet long and is as wide as the individual firewood pieces, but averages 16 inches deep, A 16-inch wide face cord is equal to about one-third of a full cord. You would fill the back of most extended cab full size pick up trucks ( 6 foot box) with a face cord.

For most people having a few fires each week during cold weather this amount of firewood will last most of the winter. If you feel you require more we can supply in full or half cords as well. Our regular deliveries make it easy to keep a fresh supply available without having to keep an entire year's supply in your yard or garage. Any where on this web site you see the term "face cord" it represents about a third of a cord of firewood.

A word about the price of firewood - A lot of people ask why firewood has gone up in price so much in the last few years. It's complicated, but simply put, the oil boom is somewhat responsible. firewood is a fuel and like other fuels the price is detiremined by demand and avialability. The high cost of petroleum fuel affects the shipping/trucking cost for firewood as does the high prices now being charged by trucking. In southern Alberta, there are not a lot of trees close to market, it all has to be brought in from farther away.

This especially true of birch, we don't have many birch trees close by so it all comes farther up north or from central B.C. . Birch is very heavy and trucking it often costs more the the value of the wood itself. Firewood is a low margin product, resellers are not making a lot just because the price appears to high.

We try to keep a balance on our prices while still offering the best quality and because our firewood is measured accuratly you are getting good value for your dollar when you buy from us.

We also offer 1/4 cords on request for those that need smaller quantities.

For more details and information about types of firewood, burning wood and
other details see section near the bottom of this page entitled "All about firewood"


Canada Firewood

Toll free 1- 877-894 -9378

Direct (403) 638-8090

email: sales@woodfire.ca

Delivery Area
We offer regular weekly delivery service to our regular clients and arrangements can be made for home deliveries by request for the following areas.

Calgary, Red Deer, High River, Okotoks, Cochrane, Airdrie, Didsbury, Crossfield, Carstairs, Strathmore, Canmore, Banff, and Bragg Creek, Redwood Meadows, Olds, Bowden and more.

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Other bulk Solutions


Alberta Firewood Depot

Toll free 1- 877-894 -9378

Direct (403) 638-8090

email: sales@woodfire.ca

Delivery Area
We offer regular weekly delivery service to our regular clients and arrangements can be made for home deliveries by request for the following areas

Calgary, High River, Okotoks, Cochrane, Airdrie, Didsbury, Crossfield, Carstairs, Strathmore, Canmore, Banff, and Bragg Creek, Redwood Meadows, Olds, Bowden and more

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