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Winter / Spring 2018

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Alberta Firewood

A Division of Maverick LTL ltd.

An Environmentally friendly operation

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Canmore & Banff deliveries available

Edmonton and area deliveries available as well

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High Quality Pine Wood Shavings Animal Bedding for Horses,
Chickens, Cattle
and other livestock. 

Available in standard 40lbs bags ( 40 per pallet)  or 700 lbs bulk totes
Truckload Quantities only  (we do not operate a store,  we ship direct)

Wholesale prices direct to farmers. producers and horse operations !

We offer a high quality pine wood shavings product for animal bedding in larger bulk bags. These shavings are much more economical than smaller plastic wrapped bales. Quality is first rate with finer, softer more absorbent shavings than most other brands.
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Delivery to your site is available.

Wood Fines Wood Pellets and Wood Fibre for Oil Field Operations
Drilling Fluid Additives, Drilling Mud additives

We have superb wood fiber fines and wood pellets ideal for use as a drilling fluid or mud additive. Economical to use to mix with and transport drill cuttings. Our larger sized bulk bags are much easier to transport, handle and store than bulk sawdust or compressed small plastic wrapped bales. The bulk bags are compressed and hold a substantial amount of wood fines making them much more economical in every way.
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We offer delivery direct to your drilling site or operations area.
Wood pellets in bulk totes or pallets of small bags also available



Calgary BC Birch firewood


BC Yellow Birch Firewood

Fir Firewood

Campground Firewood

Purveyors of premium quality
Birch, Pine, Larch, Fir and Apple firewood in south central Alberta for over 19 years.

"Canada Firewood was unlike any other firewood supplier I have dealt with. The wood was clean, dry and packaged in such a way that I had to do very little in stacking it. Definitely the only company that I will do business with in the future. With those other guys you get chopped beef - with Canada Firewood I got sirloin for a better price"

Phillip Bridger - Calgary
November 2011

Wholesale & Retail
Bundled Firewood

Birch, Pine,
Spruce & Fir

Best Prices in Alberta
Shipped anywhere by
the truckload

Heat Treated

Ideal For
RV Parks
Convenience Stores

Agents and Resellers wanted

No More messy dirty
piles of wood dumped on your driveway when you buy our palletized firewood

pallet unstack

All of our wood is bundled and quick to move and stack.

fir bundle

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Canada Firewood
Alberta Depot

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Wood Fines and Wood Fibre for Oil Field Operations
Drilling Fluid Additives, Drilling Mud additives
High Quality Pine Wood Shavings
for Livestock & Horses

Wholesale Prices for Stores, Businesses & Resellers in Alberta, B.C.,
  Saskatchewan and Manitoba.
Wholesale on palletized firewood and packaged firewood available.
Agents and Resellers wanted !

Firewood sales to the public, private and commercial sectors available for regular delivery anywhere in Calgary, Canmore, Banff , Red Deer, Cochrane, Airdrie, Okotoks, High River, Crossfield, Redwood Meadows, Olds and all other towns surrounding greater Calgary.

We also have regular and special delivery runs to Canmore, Banff, Bragg Creek, Lethbridge, Ft Macleod, Nanton, Strathmore, Langdon and many other Southern & Central Alberta locations including acreages and rural properties.

We'll even deliver firewood to your Cabin, Cottage or RV lot like Mt Kidd, Ghost lake, Gleniffer lake
and others  including some campgrounds.

Bagged & Bundled Firewood - Best prices in Alberta
Many sizes and varieties to choose from. Quality is exceptional.
All of our Pine is heat treated and bug free.
Wholesale and retail prices - ideal for resellers, C-stores, Campgrounds and parks
We will ship anywhere in Alberta & Western Canada by truckload
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High quality, split and seasoned pine, birch, larch, cedar and apple firewood available
on tight stacked pallets or mesh bulk tote bags.


email: sales@woodfire.ca

Maverick Canada Firewood Palletized Firewood

Delivered to your home or business within 24 to 48 hours

Canada Firewood is well known and respected for our hand selected, tight stacked, super clean and DRY BC Yellow Birch Firewood.

Our palletized BC Yellow Birch firewood is the finest quality birch firewood available in Alberta. We GUARANTEE our wood is ready to burn, NO guessing involved and we deliver it promptly to your home or business generally next day or within 48 hours.

palletized birch

This wood is at the optimum dryness (avg 16%-20%) for burning

per Pallet (1.4M3)
2 Pallets for $700.00 (Approx a cord or 3M3)
Price includes delivery within Calgary - GST extra

Supplies are now limited due to high demand.


Premium Buckskin Larch ($370.00 per pallet)
Now in stock , but quantities are limited and demand is high
Buckskin or "pecker pole" Larch is a very renowned as one of the
BEST firewoods with low ash, high heat , long burn time and long coaling.

 OUT OF STOCK -Coming Soon

Premium Grade Douglas FIR
Special - $370
per Pallet (1.4M3)
2 Pallets for $700.00 (Approx a cord or 3M3)


Limited stock- Premium Grade Western Red Cedar - $370.00 per pallet

Apple wood

This aged Apple wood is food grade and can be used for cooking or the fireplace

30 cu Ft Box  $285.00


Economy Firewood

Third Cord Crated Douglas Fir Slabs
Crate of Douglas
                                              Fir slab firewood

⅓ Cord Economical Douglas Fir Firewood   $$$$save$$$

$250 for 1 pallet
$450 for 2 pallets
$585 for 3 pallets or 1 Cord  (best deal)

We have brought in these Crated Douglas Fir slabs as an option for those looking for economical yet good quality firewood for fire pits,  wood stoves , boilers etc.

This wood is suitable for many fireplaces as well,  but may not have the typical split log wood look and aesthetic

Douglas Fir is a very HOT and long burning firewood - you will be impressed at the amount of heat given off by this beautifully seasoned firewood.

These slabs and pieces are a recycled secondary product from a structural timber mill. the wood is seasoned and ready to burn. We have tested this firewood and its provides a very nice hot fire with longer burn time than Pine or spruce firewood.  feedback from clients has been very positive.

Some of the pieces may be large ( wide) and require some simple splitting, however due to the shape and straight grain of fir it is very easy to do .

These savings are possible based on the delivery cost when buying multiple pallets.

Each crate is exactly a Third of a cord and tight stacked.

Price includes delivery within Calgary - GST extra small delivery surcharge applies to areas outside of city limits


Quality, Hand Made in Alberta KINDLING MAKER
       Foolproof Kindling Maker 

This hand crafted rugged tool will make piles of perfect kindling quickly and without a lot of effort.

No more dangerous axes or hatchets.

Great gift idea

simply request that your Kindling maker order be sent along with your firewood order or your can request it sent by mail.                                                
$70.00 (with your order)

email: sales@woodfire.ca

See more prices and more details below - please scroll down

Why Buy Our Palletized Firewood ?


Ever get a load of bulk firewood dumped on your driveway or in your truck that has so much bark, dirt, gravel and other unwanted material..Does that make you feel like you got a fair deal ?

This neat package
         Or this "pile"
cfl birch
Our 1.4 Cu Metre pallet is a neat package made up of 48 tight stacked (1.1 cu ft approx) bundles.
The pallet is completely sealed from the elements
. The firewood pieces are consistently sized and clean as they have not been stored in a wet or snowy pile on gravel or dirt at a garden or gravel sales centre
This is the typical pile dumped on your driveway delivered by other firewood vendors.
The firewood is often dirty and either wet or covered in snow as its stored in outdoor piles.
More often than not there is a pile of gravel, dirt and bark to clean up after as well
Our pallets are quick and easy to unstack as the bundles hold the
wood together for a neat and stable stack

When you buy our Palletized Firewood, it is clean because it's been hand picked while stacking the pallets, this leaves most of the the bark, dirt and rocks out of the wood and back at our yard and not yours... Our wood is not stored in large piles outdoors exposed to rain and snow (and collecting bugs), Our firewood is stacked neatly on pallets and covered, where it ages and seasons properly.

Plus the customer can always tell they're getting the correct cord measure they paid for
because you can see that the wood is tight stacked and the measurement can be checked. If you have bought firewood at a garden centre or bulk gravel outlet, the workers use short cuts like "8 loader buckets are a cord" or the "The delivery truck box half full is a cord " , This is not the way to get a fair measurement, but is common practice. Often these people doing this could care less if it's even close, they are concerned with what's easy for themselves.

Some places in Calgary sell their wood by weight, that's very risky as firewood like poorly seasoned birch can weigh 30 to 40 more than dry seasoned birch. You will pay more for lower quality ! This how they sell gravel and sand (weight in /weight out) and weighing the wood is easy for them, but bad for you.

Cord measures make very little sense in this day and age and no two firewood retailers will use a consistent amount each time, its different every day and with every different person loading the wood. it pretty much a guess every time. Even if the supplier stacks the wood, the different sized lengths and shapes means a different amount each time so even that is not an assurance of quantity.

"Guesstimating" a cord measurement by a firewood reseller can leave you with 25-30% less wood than you thought you had bought and paid for. Shopping or calling around to all the firewood resellers with the assumption that their cord is the same as the last guys cord in order to save a few dollars can be a waste of time if the measurements are not accurate and in our opinion, this is more common than it should be in Alberta.

Getting a "cord" of firewood for $50.00 to $100 less in savings can be negated because you actually got less firewood PLUS you also buy a load of bark and dirt along with it.

With loose bulk firewood I can pretty much guarantee you that they are NOT actually measuring each load of wood by making a 4x4x8 stack, they are guessing it. The loose wood is always a lot less than the stacked wood. How can you compare prices when every place in town is doing something different. With a pallet you can see the actual stack and each pallet is consistently sized.

Firewood sold in larger mesh bulk bags and bulk tote bags will be less than a quarter cord no matter what they tell you. These bags are standardized at a maximum size of 27 cu feet when filled with a fine grained product like sand or grain, however loose firewood does not fill the spaces up so it likely to be at least 25% less than quarter cord.

The wood on our pallets are tight stacked, so there are not gaps and spaces like loose wood. Our Canada Firewood 1.4+ cubic metre size pallet works out to just under a half a cord of tight stacked wood,  just a few cubic feet less (10% or so less ),  its the closest thing to the half cord measurement. In Europe where all firewood is sold by the m3, the equivalent to a "cord" is 3 cu metres (3M3), which is very close to a cord in actual volume. 5 %to 10%  less is much better than 25 to 30% less if you are comparing prices per cord measure with other vendors selling loose firewood.

You will get almost exactly the right amount or more on each of our consistently sized pallets simply because we require the pieces to be a lot more accurate in order to build a stable pallet. 

fir firewood bundlesfir bundle

Each 1.4 cubic metre Birch Pine or Fir pallet is made up from 48 neat and consistent bundles.

Each ideally sized bundle will make at least one nice long lasting fire on average. That's 30 to 40 fires per pallet for most people depending on burning habits. A bundle is more wood than most fireplaces can hold at one time.

The wood is clean, neatly stacked and to easy move and re-stack once the pallet arrives at your home.

Easy, neat and slick.

Packaging note:
At Canada Firewood, we take pride in strategically packing the bundles to get the most possible wood.  When we unpack all of this wood on a 48 bundle Pine pallet and unstack it, it consumes a footprint of approximately 4x4x4 making it close to half chord in volume. 

On our 1.4 M3 pallets there are 48 tight stacked bundles that come to approx 50 to 55cu ft ,  which is only slightly less than a half a cord. bulk wood is not tight stacked so you are unlikely to get even close to the proper measurement. with loose cord wood a half cord is usually less than a third of cord when stacked.  

Our tight stacked pallets of bundles are consistently sized and very close to size we claim them to be, We believe consumers benefit from packaging this wood tightly.

Another way of looking at this is by the weight.  A full chord of dry pine weighs an average of 2,290 pounds (see http://www.consumerenergycenter.org/home/heating_cooling/firewood.html  ).  The average,  when weighing one of the skids of pine that contained 36 bundles was 480 kg or 1,056 pounds as this wood was super dry.  Using this method, our product will be just slightly under a half chord,  if the wood was not as dry it would be slightly over.

Our firewood is guaranteed to be dry and properly seasoned unlike the vast majority of firewood in the area, most birch firewood sold in Calgary is LESS than a year old and not seasoned properly.  All of our premium firewood is moisture tested to insure it is ready to burn.

We will NOT sell unseasoned birch firewood and we guarantee that.

Generally we are a bit more cost wise, but when it all comes down to a fair comparison, we are pretty much the same as most others. Our wood is handled more, aged longer and stored properly, so it has to cost a bit more than wood treated like gravel and stored in piles on wet ground.

We feel that hand selected, tight stacked firewood pallets add a lot of value and insure quality. We've been doing this for close to 20 years and still have many of our original clients from the beginning. They stick with us for reason.

Try our pallets just once and you'll see the difference .



Canada Firewood
Alberta Depot

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email: sales@woodfire.ca

Premium ready to burn Bulk firewood, delivered to your home


Scroll further down on this page for firewood selection and prices

2018 Firewood Types and Prices

 Winter  2018
We have the best selection of wood species and best quality in Alberta.
A family owned & operated business for 20 years

We can usually deliver with 24 to 48 hours right now.

Remember we guarantee to sell you dry firewood, you have
no risk of getting stuck with wet wood.

email: sales@woodfire.ca

  • Tight stacked measure - 25-30 % more firewood than loose cords sold everywhere else,
  • donít be fooled by lower prices when resellers are offering loose stacked firewood, you rarely get the cord amount you pay for.
  • Almost all birch for sale in Alberta right now has been cut this last winter or summer and is not properly seasoned,
    it will not be good for indoor burning until December or January and prime in another year.
  • Our BC birch is guaranteed dry and properly seasoned.


Premium Quality

Well Seasoned
B.C. Yellow Birch

BC Yellow Birch-Our Best Birch firewood
Guaranteed dry and seasoned
Moisture tested at an average of 18% -20% which is considered prime.

...birch pallet.......
Premium Select BC Yellow Birch ........ Premium Yellow Birch Pallet in back of pickup truck

1.4 cubic Metre
Hand Picked Tight Stacked Pallets
1.4 cubic meters
(just under half a cord)
2 of these tight stacked pallets will generally be equal in volume to a "cord" of loose bulk firewood
but without the bark, dirt and bugs

Delivery in Calgary area Included in price.

per Pallet (1.4M3)

2 Pallets for $700.00 (Approx equal to a "cord" of loose bulk cord wood)

Call or email for prices on larger quantities of pallets

Delivery surcharge applicable to areas outside Calgary and Canmore & Banff deliveries

This is the best birch firewood available. All pieces in these pallets have been dried
to the best moisture level for optimum burning and heat output unlike birch cut and stored in piles outdoors.

Our birch firewood is super clean as the wood never touches the ground during processing,


Douglas Fir

                          pallet unstackingfir

Ideal for Cozy HOT fires, long burning, aromatic and lively flames

In B.C. Fir is favored over Birch firewood by locals using wood stoves for heating.
Fir has a long burn time and similar heat value to birch, but produces a lot less ash and a livelier flame,

Fir has almost twice the burn time as the same amount of pine or spruce which means a half a cord of fir is
nearly equivalent to a full cord of pine or spruce

If you desire a change from burning birch or pine, try fir for a change.
Also fir helps birch burn more completely when the two woods are used together.

Fir has a nice aroma and a mild crackle when burning.
This wood will pop or throw the odd ember out, but it is not as explosive as Pine or Spruce.

1.4 cubic Metre
Hand Picked Tight Stacked Pallets
1.4 cubic meters  (just under half a cord)

2 of these tight stacked pallets will generally be equal in volume a "cord" of loose bulk firewood.
Delivery in Calgary area Included in price.

Douglas Fir

Special - $370
per Pallet (1.4M3)

2 Pallets for $700.00


Prime Larch Firewood now available
Larch is well know for being among the top firewood species.
Larch burns hot and has longer burn time than Birch.
Larch has the longest lasting embers of all species available in western Canada

$370.00 per pallet


Delivery surcharge applicable to Canmore & Banff deliveries


Can't decide what firewood type is best for you or
need to know a bit more stuff about firewood ? click here

man stacking

 Stacking Service

Not available

F.A.Q. For Bulk Firewood

Questions like : What the heck is a cord of firewood anyway ???
third of a cord measure
full cord of firewood
One Third of cord also know as Rick, Face or Stove cord is 4' high x 8' long x 16" deep
or about 42.5 cubic feet
A full Cord is 4' deep x 4' high x 8' long
or 128 cubic feet
 Cord measurement facts and blarney

The problem with cord measures
is that they make little or no sense in this day and age. In Alberta the cost of manual labor for stacking, loading and then re-stacking again to insure a proper "cord' measure is achieved is simply
not affordable for most clients or suppliers. In times past this made sense as labor was readily available and cheap.

Over time local suppliers in Calgary had to find short cuts to this old time system or go out of business due to higher prices that consumers would find objectionable. They also had to adapt to standards in the handling and trucking industries. No other industry understands what a "cord" is. Trucks use volume measurements like cubic metres or cubic feet, so trying to find a way to accurately assess how much loose wood fits into a truck box is almost impossible. wood pieces are not uniform, weigh drastically different amounts by species, when fresh or seasoned and by huge variation of sizes in the cutting process.

A truck loading in BC with 'loose" firewood that fills a truck's box up may only be two thirds to half full after the shaking and settling of a 6 to 10 hour long truck ride to Calgary. fresh wood has twice the volume of dry wood, fresh cut green wood is twice as heavy as aged wood...Every load is different. All of these factors affect the antiquated "cord" measure. The cost of fuel is the single biggest factor in the price of firewood in Calgary as it has to be shipped here by large fuel sucking trucks. The second largest factor in cost is labor and handling, especially in Calgary's tight labour market.

So suppliers tend to use more efficient equipment like skid steer loaders with buckets to load and unload bulk firewood. Its ALL GUESS WORK as firewood does not behave like sand or gravel, sometimes the bucket is full and sometimes its not because the pieces do not fit in neatly and the load has air spaces from the jumble of wood pieces.

So long story, short. if you expecting to get an accurate "cord" measure from people selling loose pieces of firewood its not going to happen unless you are paying some sort of premium to cover all the extra work involved. Plus because the profit margins on the actual firewood are really low, its not reasonable to expect the dealer is going to chance giving all the clients a bit of extra wood to allow for all that. Chances are that you be shorted every time and its not intentional, its just reality and SOP in this industry. Most of already have to eat the extra fuel costs as they swing up and hardly ever down to where the cost was set a long time ago.

Canada Firewood opted out of using loose wood as we have always tried to be honest and open with our clients. We were constantly shorted between 3 and 5 cords on every single truckload of loose bulk firewood we bought from our suppliers. How did know that ?  because back in that time we DID hand stack every order into a cord measure. When we did that we instantly noticed we had been shorted what we paid for. When we confronted our wholesale suppliers, we were told " that's how everyone does it " and why do we insist on measuring the wood out into stacked cords when "everyone else uses the same loose cubic volume vs the tight stacked volume" . today all that hand stacking is not possible cost wise without large increases in the cost of our wood.

Once we switched to tight stacked pallets this problem went away. we know exactly what we are getting and its the same all the time year after year. Our client base is extremely pleased with this system and even the ones that stray away due to finding a "better deal' tend to come back the next year as they did not get what they expected.

Our pallets do not conform exactly to cord measures because of size restrictions in shipping and handling and weight issues.

A cord of birch weighs over a ton and half, a pallet that size is unmanageable by our staff and the available trucking, facilities and delivery people we use. If we add a third row of bundles or try to add more to the existing pallet, the wood spills over the sides and /or requires an extra row on top which is too tall, too heavy and unstable for shipping so the pallets end up being more than a third cord but slightly less than a half cord...however compared to a "half cord" of loose firewood this pallet has more wood on it due to it being tight stacked.

I hope this long winded article helps people understand the problems and expectations in volume caused the use of the term "cord" or "cord measure". Our pallets will not vary year to year and the bundle system allows home owners to get a feel for their firewood usage so they know what to order year to year.

We feel one of our bundles ( 36 per pallet) is good for one fire. each bundle contains a few more pieces than most fireplaces hold , so you can start a fire and still a few pieces to add after an hour or so.

Most people will Not use more than one bundle for an evening fire unless its 25 below and a larger, more intense fire is warranted. a pallet of 36 bundles will give most people between 30 and 40 fires on average.


bulk firewood Packaging note: At Canada Firewood, we take pride in strategically packing the bundles to get the most possible wood.  When we unpack all of this wood on a pine 48 bundle pallet and unstack it, it consumes a footprint 4x4x4 which is considered to be a half chord. 

48 bundle pallets are 1.4 M3 which is between a third and half of a cord when tight stacked. 

We believe consumers benefit from packaging this wood tightly.

Another way of looking at this is by the weight.  A full chord of dry pine weighs an average of 2,290 pounds (see http://www.consumerenergycenter.org/home/heating_cooling/firewood.html  ).  The average,  when weighing one of the skids of pine that contained 36 bundles was 480 kg or 1,056 pounds as this wood was super dry.  Using this method, our product will be just slightly under a half chord,  if the wood was not as dry it would be slightly over.

How do you know you're getting the correct amount ? - All of our cord measures are tight packed and are as close to the actual amount as is possible with such a variably sized product as split wood can be. We stack pallets by hand selecting the pieces and wrapping or strapping into tight consistent sized bundles using a precise jig, then stack the bundles tightly together to form the pallets. Each pallet is consistently sized and tightly stacked. No air spaces or guessed quantities.

Tight stacking is NOT common practice in the firewood industry, most resellers will sell you "loose packed" cord measures dumped from a loader or tossed in from a pile. You can't be sure how much you're getting when the wood is sold this way. Many of our customers make the comment,"that cord of firewood you just dropped off looks like a lot more wood than the last load I bought from xyz firewood " . That's because it is simply too much work to stack each order in the yard and then loading into the delivery truck,  so almost every place selling loose cord wood just guesses or approximates the "cord" measure. In general, its pretty safe to say you will get between 25 and 30 % less firewood than the actual cord measure you are paying for. Its standard procedure. 

We've built our business on good value, service, quality firewood and accurate measurements.

What is a cord of firewood ? - This is NOT a useful way to measure firewood in this day and age, it is an antiquated system that does not match our modern methods of handling firewood.  A "full' cord measures 4 ft. x 4 ft. x 8 ft. and is the official, standard firewood measure. This equals a volume of about 128 cubic feet. But four foot pieces are never used for home heating, and dealers rarely sell four foot pieces. So firewood is not offered for sale in the form of its official unit measurement. This is why buying firewood can be confusing. The most common firewood piece length is 16 inches

What is a face cord ? - Face cords also known as stove cords or furnace cords are an ideal amount of firewood for most homeowners where storage space is an issue . The volume is about one third of a full cord or 42.67 cubic feet. (128 cu ft divided by 3 = 42.67) or a stack with the dimensions of 4' wide x 8' long x 16" deep. Our 1.5 cubic metre pallets are more than a face cord but just under a half a cord, they average about 50-52 cu ft each.

The term face cord is not a officially recognized measurement in Canada, however many people are familiar with this term as it has been in use for well over a 100 years, a face cord or rick of wood is an old term of measurement four feet high by eight feet long and is as wide as the individual firewood pieces, but averages 16 inches deep, A 16-inch wide face cord is equal to about one-third of a full cord. You would fill the back of most extended cab full size pick up trucks ( 6 foot box) with a face cord.

For most people having a few fires each week during cold weather this amount of firewood will last most of the winter. If you feel you require more we can supply in full or half cords as well. Our regular deliveries make it easy to keep a fresh supply available without having to keep an entire year's supply in your yard or garage. Any where on this web site you see the term "face cord" it represents about a third of a cord of firewood.

A word about the price of firewood - A lot of people ask why firewood has gone up in price so much in the last few years. It's complicated, but simply put, the oil boom is somewhat responsible. firewood is a fuel and like other fuels the price is determined by demand and availability. The high cost of petroleum fuel affects the shipping/trucking cost for firewood as does the high prices now being charged by trucking. In southern Alberta, there are not a lot of trees close to market, it all has to be brought in from farther away.

This especially true of birch, we don't have many birch trees close by so it all comes farther up north or from central B.C. . Birch is very heavy and trucking it often costs more the the value of the wood itself. Firewood is a low margin product, resellers are not making a lot just because the price appears to be high.

We try to keep a balance on our prices while still offering the best quality and because our firewood is measured accurately you are getting good value for your dollar when you buy from us.

For more details and information about types of firewood, burning wood and
other details see section near the bottom of this page entitled "All about firewood"



Canada Firewood


email: sales@woodfire.ca

Delivery Area
We offer regular weekly delivery service to our regular clients and arrangements can be made for home deliveries by request for the following areas.

Calgary, Red Deer, High River, Okotoks, Cochrane, Airdrie, Didsbury, Crossfield, Carstairs, Strathmore, Canmore, Banff, and Bragg Creek, Redwood Meadows, Olds, Bowden and more.

Click here for more on delivery area and costs